Feedback and Complaints


If you have any suggestions for improvements to the services we offer, or to suggest improvements to the site then please contact the practice manager, Jamie Ducker, in writing at the surgery, using a feedback form in the waiting room or by telephone.

If you wish to make a suggestion about how we can improve the Medical Centre please visit our suggestion page.

Practice Complaints Procedure

Most problems can be sorted out quickly and easily with the person concerned, often at the time they arise, and this may be the approach you try first.

Where you are not able to resolve your complaint in this way and wish to make a formal complaint you should do so, preferably in writing as soon as possible after the event and ideally within a few days, giving as much detail as you can, as this helps us to establish what happened more easily. In any event, this should be:

  • Within 12 months of the incident
  • or within 12 months of you becoming aware of the matter

Please download our Complaints leaflet to find out how to proceed with a complaint.

Page updated: 6 July, 2017