Patient Participation Group (PPG)

The PPG is an opportunity for patients to play an active role in the running of the practice. The group meets every 6 weeks and we are actively looking to recruit new members. If attending meetings would cause a problem then you can have an input by other means. If you are interested in joining the group please contact the surgery on 01244 390755 or email

Next meeting

Next meeting: 27 February, 2018, at 3.00pm.

What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

A PPG is a group of patients who work with their practice to provide practical support, to help patients to take more responsibility for their own health and to provide strategic input and advice. They are based on cooperation between the practice staff and patients. They help to improve communication.

What is the purpose of a PPG?

• To give practice staff and patients the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest in their Practice.
• To provide means for patients to make positive suggestions about the practice and
specific medical conditions as an ‘expert’ or experienced patient
• To encourage health education activities within the practice.
• To develop self-help projects to meet the needs of fellow patients, such as befriending,
help with transport, and bereavement support.
• To act as a representative group that can be called upon to influence the local provision
of health and social care
• To involve further patients from the wider population

All patients are eligible to join the PPG, please contact the surgery if you are interested, we also have a dedicated PPG noticeboard in the waiting room with further details of how to get involved.

Terms of reference

1. Title of the Group
The Group shall be called THE PATIENT PARTICIPATION GROUP (PPG) of WESTERN AVENUE MEDICAL CENTRE in BLACON, CHESTER and shall be affiliated to the National Association
for Patient Participation.
2. Aims of the Group
The aims of the Association are to promote co-operation between the Practice and Patients to the benefit of both.
3. Membership of the Group
Membership of the Group shall be open and free to all registered Patients and staff of the Practice.
4. Activities of the Group
4.1 The Group will be kept informed of the Practice policies relating to the Consortium to which it belongs.
It may express opinions on these policies on behalf of the patients.
4.2 The Group will consult with the Practice on service development and provision and assist in
the assessment of community medical needs.
4.3 The Group will contribute to, and be kept informed of, Practice decisions.
4.4 The Group will advise the Practice on the education needs of the community by encouraging
and supporting activities within the Practice to promote preventive medicine and healthy
lifestyle choices.
4.5 The Group will produce a Newsletter three times a year informing Patients of the work of the Practice and activities of the Group. The Newsletter will be distributed by email, and through the post where necessary, and will be made available in the surgery and on the PPG web page.
4.6 The Group will seek to ensure that Patient information and advice are readily available and
clearly presented.
4.7 The Group will represent patients at the Practice in seeking to influence local provision of health and social care.
5. Meetings of the Group
5.1 The Group will endeavour to meet no fewer than four times a year.
5.2 Notices of meetings, reports on meetings and information about the PPG’s activities will be displayed on PPG notice boards, in surgery waiting rooms and on the Group’s web page, and
members will be notified by email alerts, and/or through the post when necessary.
6. Organisation of the Group
6.1 The Group’s activities will be organised by a Committee of volunteers and invited members.
6.2 The Committee will be composed of a Chair, Deputy Chair, and Secretary, and
between four and six members, to be agreed at the initial meeting. Other members will be co-opted as required.
6.3 Administrative assistance will be provided by staff at the Practice

Page updated: 24 January, 2018